May 28, 2020

Time lapse

Time lapse is a video technique in which the frequency of the individual frames (frame rate) is much lower (slower) than the frame rate at playback. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving much faster.

You’ve probably seen a time lapse of a sunset or a seed growing.

Time lapse can be done by taking many individual photos every few seconds or minutes over a longer period of time (hours), and then stringing them together in a movie using movie making software like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. Some cameras have a time lapse mode that helps automate the taking of pictures. A tripod will be important so that the camera is in the same position for each shot. You may also need a battery pack since time lapse requires that your camera be on for an extended time period.

You can use a mobile phone app like Hyperlapse or PicPac Stop Motion & Time Lapse. (Just go to your app store and search for time lapse.)

Here are some more examples.

Here are some helpful resources: